a matter of choice

a discussion on a matter of ethics came along in photography class a while back; and this is one more essay that’s just been lying about in the drafts section of the page (another 10 or so to clear atm 😦 )…

the following essay does contain some graphic references; and some of the description is certainly offensive to sensitivities (mine included), so read it only if you feel prepared to face the issue–it is about abortion.

images were presented of the “preparation” of a human foetus in some parts of Taiwan, where it was apparently considered a delicacy. now; i figured that logically, the discussion would head two-ways–to the ethics of photo-journalism–in displaying images THAT graphic and in THAT quantity; and secondly, on the issue of human ethics.

the argument that came along happened along the lines of my second expectation; but not quite the way i expected it. the argument that was posited, was that how can we scorn people who eat human foetuses as delicacies; and the allow the destruction of them; when we are pro-choice / pro-abortion. the argument then hit further depths of inanity when it was suggested that mens shouldn’t take a stand that is pro-choice since they couldn’t know what it feels like (it was a man who said that btw)
(1) most “normal” pro-choice supporters are not pro-choice because they’re born to sin or to offend anyone’s morality (i personally found the reasoning that could lead to ^ that posit offensive). the idea is that since it is women who give birth; it should be their right–and completely theirs to choose whether they want to have a child or not. to do less is to denigrate their rightful place in society as equal decision makers.
i am deftly against greater interference in the personal state the “res-privata” if you will (in opposition to the res-publica — republica — public state) by governments or moral authoritarians.

(2) the government and judiciary can play a role–but that role must be in the counseling of women who are considering abortion; and in ensuring that there are government systems in place that allow for healthcare and aid to those who choose otherwise; not to choose for them.
i perhaps need to research the history of abortion and state control on the matter; but of the two cases in history i have read–Roe v. Wade and Buck v. Bell; I think that my stand on the issue is the closest to a balance between ethics and morality; and certainly something you want to consider when taking a stand on the issue.

just as a further clarification; let me point out that I am myself pro-Life in orientation; but I choose not to make that decision for others.


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