carpe diem

carpe diem

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turning and turning in the widening gyre
the falcon cannot hear the falconer
things fall apart
the center cannot hold
mere anarchy is loosed upon the world
the blood-dimmed tide is loosed
and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned
the best lack all convictions
while the worst are full of passionate intensity

ever wish the world was simple?
ever wish the world could relate to you, your codes of ethic and your understanding of right and wrong?

when you quantify ethic–your ethic, you are told that everyone has a right to their opinion–that the world is different for everyone

but is it really?–i don’t think it is. the inconsequentiality of life assures me of that answer. the average lifespan rarely exceeds 80-90 years today; and over the next 50 years, may increase by another 10-15 years. in the grand narrative of things; life was here before you, and will be here after you; and your existence is but transient.

which in the existentialist ethic implies to me the complete opposite of what many do propound–the post-modernist incredulity towards meta-narratives is often taken as an excuse to be different; or freedom from social constructs and constraints; both of which are very different from “making conscientious choice” which is what is proposed by those thinkers.

life may be about shades of gray; and there may be no real “truths”; but there are instincts of right and wrong–when you cheat, you know what you’re doing is wrong. when you hurt others, you know what you’re doing is wrong. justification is irrelevant to the action itself–the action can be defined within the constructs of ethics, moralities or legislature; as can the justification. the truth then; for all it’s lack of existence is define-ably real; and is manifest in law–the quantification of ethic, the quantification of morality and the quantification of justice.

so stop hiding behind the screen of subjectivity–to the discerning eye it’s barely more than idiocy–and take responsibility for your actions; and demand of yourself an answer to this question: what do you do that matters? why should anyone care for your subjective existence?

darwin’s theory you should remember was two-fold (and people always forget the second one) evolution is constructed by “the survival of the fittest” and the “propagation of the species”. subjective truths then; are embedded in objective realities–in the grand narrative of history–and your only claim to subjectivity within that objective reality is a lack of a universal observer. (God of course; would be that observer in most forms of thought–the “unknown” that quantifies all; but “feedback” in that context is perhaps more discreet and through other channels)


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