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I noticed on my blogstats page; that one of the Search Engine keys that sends people to this site is "meaning of arrakis"

Now; having googled arrakis in the past; I'm well-aware that there are companies named arrakis and the like; but arrakis as I named it comes from the Dune series of Books; by one of my favorite authors–Frank Herbert (there's three *all-time* favorites; the other two being J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Jordan)

Arrakis is a desert planet–also called "Dune" in Frank Herbert's original 6-part epic (the 6 "prequels" to that (3 Legends of Dune, 3 Preludes to Dune); and the final two chapters to the series (Sandworms of Dune and Hunters of Dune) have been written by Frank Herbert's son–Brian Herbert, along with Sci-Fi writer Kevin J Anderson.)

Arrakis is introduced in Books 2 and 3 of Legends; while it forms the fulcrum of the story till Book 6, when it's neutralized 😦

It is a desert planet–a real hell-hole all around, but for one resource–the spice melange. The books revolve around melange; and the politics to control its flow–think of melange as crude oil in the comparative modern political scenario, and you get the picture… The books are definitely worth a read–their official site is dunenovels.com; where you can find links to amazon.com and/or other online booksellers; and information about the release of the final two chapters.

The overall order of the series is:

Legends of Dune: (takes place over 200 years)
The Butlerian Jihad
The Machine Crusade
The Battle of Corrin 

Preludes to Dune: (takes place over one generation, about 10,000 years after the Legends take happen)
House Atreides
House Harkonnen
House Corrino

Chronicles of Dune: (about a decade after the last Prelude)
Dune: Messiah (a few years later)
Children of Dune (7 years later if I recall correctly)
God Emperor of Dune (4000 years after CoD)
Heretics of Dune (2000 years after God Emperor)
Chapterhouse: Dune (a few years after Heretics)

By that you can imagine what a vast canvas Herbert painted in this series 🙂


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